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The Rhodesian Association

This year's theme is based on our beloved Kariba  Go to the Reunion 2009 Page to get details!!!

Western USA

Welcome to the site of the Rhodesian Association, formerly known as "The Rhodesian Veterans' Association".

This Association was started over twenty years ago.
Often referred to as "The Rhodesian Association Western USA" to distinguish it from other Rhodesian Groups in the USA, its sole purpose is to stage an annual reunion for its members and to keep its members informed of current events via a newsletter.

We always welcome new members - please go to the contact page and send us an e-mail if you wish to join. Membership is open to anyone who has ever lived in Rhodesia or who has an interest in Rhodesia.

Please note - the Rhodesian Association is totally detached from any other Rhodesian organization - in order to attend the annual reunion and receive "Contact" you must join the Rhodesian Association. Annual dues are thirty dollars per family.

Guest speaker Doug McClure - 2008 winner of the Long Distance Veldskoen

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